Our Story


Highlands Publications opened its doors in 2007 with two employees, a strong work ethic, and a burning desire to publish magazines that would lead their industries, not follow out-of-date trends.

As we continued developing our first B2B magazine, Modern Contractor Solutions, we decided on a process that guaranteed success. First, we contacted our advertiser base and made sure we knew exactly who they wanted to reach with their message. Once we knew the target audience of our advertisers, we called contractors to learn what they wanted, and didn’t want, in a publication. Most importantly, we asked them about issues and obstacles in the construction industry. We listened and crafted a solution that would help contractors run their businesses and jobsites better. This is why the word “solutions” appears in the title of our magazine. We believe in providing the solution, not just discussing the problem.

Along with our print products for Modern Contractor Solutions, Modern WorkTruck Solutions and Modern Pumping Today, each is supported by a unique digital edition that mirrors and expands the content. We offer clients the option to have a streaming video in their ad, allowing them to show how their product or service is a solution. Each magazine is supported by a website that is easy to navigate and contains the standard web-based advertisements, plus special advertising opportunities unique to HP brands, setting us apart from the rest.

In 2012, we launched another title in the B2B market—Modern Pumping Today. It’s one of the only publications in the industrial pumping sector to offer complete coverage. Using the same developmental strategy from our first magazine, we let pump professionals share with us what they wanted and needed, ensuring its success.

Give us a call and tell us what you need; we’ll find the solution—that’s what we do best. It’s the founding philosophy of our magazines today.   


Highlands Publications, Inc. launches its third B2B magazine with the introduction of  Modern WorkTruck Solutions—the only monthly, complete-industry coverage magazine serving the work truck market. Light-, Medium-, and Heavy-Duty work trucks will be covered in every issue with a highlight on application in the field. Feature articles will offer solutions for operations, maintenance, safety, and technology for Class 1-8 work trucks with industry news and insight for work truck pros and managers.

Before we could fully develop our first project, Modern Contractor Solutions, we were approached by a large multidivisional corporation to review its marketing magazine, which was being produced in-house. There were two divisions of this company that relied on this magazine to tell their story, sell their products, and acquire new customers. They needed a fresh look and a turnkey approach to provide its audience with a consistent, up-to-date message. We presented a viable solution and partnered with them to create two custom-designed publications, giving each division its own platform.